Suit Slip

Ease into your Suit with SuitSlip

No fragrance, no petroleum based ingredients, no residue. And while it’s helping you get into your suit, it’s nurturing the rubber of your suit. Testing has shown a dramatic increase in suppleness and flexibility after just a few uses! You may get another season out of your suit! And all with no skin irritation.

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SuitSlip- slip on in! - only 13.95


Euro Camera Clamp


Speargearshop has the easiest and most spear-efficient tools to mount your camera to your speargun. Whatever your weapon of choice, be it a amazing piece of craftsmanship from Wong Spearguns to a lightning quick Euro, speargearshop camera clamps stay out of the way while letting you capture every moment of the dive and every bit of the fight. The mounts go on quick, don't interfere with the trigger or line release, and are built so you don't need to sweat your camera when it's time to pull the trigger.

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Mako Spearguns Florida Freedivers
NorCal Underwater Hunters Blue Tuna Spearfishing Wong Spear Guns


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